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Cymbrogi Companions,  Online Programme

'What's unique about this programme is that the modules are interconnected with each other on all the critical things... And it makes the learning experience so much more meaningful...' 


'What Matters?'

Our online programme is designed for all those interested in gaining a greater understanding of, and making a personal connection with, the themes related to living and leading a more sustainable life; now and into the future. These themes, we call the Cymbrogi Core Four, provide a way into first understanding and then connecting with ‘future-proof’ content, skills and mindsets firmly orientated towards the future. Throughout we invite you to engage with the questions 'What Matters?' applying it to different contexts and at different scales; from the individual to the global. 

"It has given me hope that children with similar learning difficulties like myself, will be heard and accepted within the learning environment."

This Step will introduce you to the Cymbrogi Core Four, each a central theme in living and leading a more sustainable life. We will encourage you to think about 'purpose' and what that means in relation to your own sustainable practices.

Step 1:


Access 5 self-paced online Modules, designed and facilitated by an expert in the field. Explore the theory and practice of a Core theme, then go deeper through elective micro-modules and resources. 

Step 2:


This Step will invite you to connect your new understanding to the question 'What Matters?' applying it to different contexts and at different scales; from the individual to the global. 

Step 3:


"Lots of ideas that I can now apply to my daily work."


Core Modules

Owning Your Well-being


To own our well-being we need an integrated, science-based understanding. Only through owning our well-being can we build a healthy & sustainable future for ourselves & others.

This module shares what it means to be well, with practices that can help you cultivate your own well-being.


Module Lead: Shaun Brooking

Development Collaborator: Shaun Brooking Coaching


If we are to have a thriving planet and survive as a species, we need to change how we live and work. Understand and reflect on why it’s important to think and act on this now, as learners, educators and leaders.



Module Lead: Dr Verity Jones

Development Collaborator: The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Sustainable & Circular Futures


Creativity is an innate capacity within all of us, but it needs actively nurturing. This module explores the benefits of introducing creativity into your practices and how your own creativity can be harnessed to shape the capacity, ability and practices of others.



Module Lead: Al Brunker

Development Collaborator: Let's Do This

Creativity & the Curriculum


More than ever the world requires us to harness our capacity for collaboration. It is the only way we address the challenges we face, as individuals and as a community. This module explores the nature of collaborative activity, how to develop your capacity for it and strategies that will help you to build sustainable collaborative relationships.


Module Lead: Rob Gratton

Development Collaborator: Liberated Learning

Collaborative Action


"I have acquired techniques to centre myself and calm myself which I am sure I will use"

"Some very thoughtful and practical advice and techniques that can easily be implemented in my daily life and routine."

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