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Why Collaborative Action? Why Cymbrogi?

More than ever the world requires us to recognise and harness our capacity for collaboration. Only through collaborative activity can we address the challenges we face today and tomorrow, as individuals and as a culture.

Our Collaborative Learning and Action Champion, Rob Gratton, shares why he feels Collaborative Action is an area that we all should be engaging with and in. As educators, learners and leaders of learning we can all benefit from honing our capacity for, our skills of and our practice of collaboration.

Within Wales, as the new Curriculum takes hold, applying effective collaboration to curriculum design and implementation will be key to our collective success.

Join us at Cymbrogi Learn, online or at our inspirational site, and become empowered in the art of Collaboration.


From Competition to Collaboration.

From Consumption to Creativity.

From Consumerism to Compassion.

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