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More than ever the world requires us to recognise and harness our capacity for collaboration. Only through collaborate activity can we address the challenges we face today and tomorrow, as individuals and as a culture.  This Module seeks to make the implicit explicit and to champion the importance of deliberately engaging with and in collaboration in our daily lives, within our workplaces and within our classrooms.


Learn to Collaborate, Collaborate to Learn



You will learn about the nature of Collaborative Activity and Collaborative Learning through an exploration shaped by the enquiry question, In what ways can I harness the power of collaboration to achieve my goals, now and into the future?


You will learn to recognise and develop your capacity for collaboration and skills which facilitate effective collaboration with others. You will learn about the hidden rules of group dynamics and how to apply tips and tricks to to the practice of collaboration. You will leave this module with a range of strategies that will help you to more effectively collaborate with others.

What will I learn?

Take Your Learning Further

This module will challenge you to apply this new understanding of collaboration to your daily practices and encourage you to take what you have learnt to enable others in your life to more effectively collaborate.


Stage Two, Explore (Available in early Spring 2021), provides opportunities to engage in creative practice.

On completing this Module you will gain access to a range of Elective resources and mini-modules which provide additional opportunities to go deeper into the content covered within the Module.


  1. Collaboration, what and why?

  2. Our Capacity for Collaboration

  3. Our Ability to Collaborate

  4. Our Practice of Collaboration

  5. Take it further

  6. Going deeper - elective mini-modules





Rob Gratton is an experienced Educationalist and Secondary school leader with over 18 years working within Education as a teacher, school leader, teacher trainer and researcher with the UCL Institute of Education.


On completion of this Module you will gain access to a range of elective mini-modules & resources including:

Collaborative Group Learning: collaboration in the classroom

This elective explores approaches to engineering and facilitating collaborative group learning within the classroom context.

Approaches to Curriculum Design: a collaborative group learning approach 

This elective explores the nature of a concept driven approach to curriculum design and delivery. The future is uncertain but concepts are enduring, so why not build your curriculum around them.

Collaborative approaches to Literacy within the Curriculum

This elective gives you access to a number of resources and ideas for developing approaches to literacy which utilise collaboration.

Collaborative approaches to Numeracy within the Curriculum

This elective gives you access to a number of resources and ideas for developing approaches to numeracy which utilise collaboration.

Collaboration in student's learning: the student experience.

This article explores the student experience of engaging in collaborative group learning as. This article was written by Rob Gratton for NASEN (2019).

"a whole lot - I feel it has been explained in such a way a new fuller understanding of collaborative work has been achieved - quite amazing."

"This module would also be a superb asset to a leadership training programme and particularly beneficial for newly appointed headteachers."


"Excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed walking through this training. Pace and content perfectly balanced."

"The content was engaging and the use of questioning and prompts throughout the delivery really helped me to feel connected with the presenter."

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