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Cymbrogi Champions

Exceptional times demand exceptional people. 

We are a collaborative crew of thinkers and do-ers from a wide range of fields: sustainability, well-being, creative arts, collaborative action and education; we work with thought leaders who have the passion and vision to champion our cause. 


We call them Our Champions.  


Sustainable & Circular Futures


Verity Jones

Lead, Sustainable and Circular Futures

Verity is education advisor to the Global Goals Centre and the international sustainable charity Fashion Revolution. She is Director of Bristol Achieve, supporting disadvantaged learners in the city, Trustee to the Darwin Centre for Biology and Medicine and Primary English consultant to Oxford University Press. Her research focuses on sustainable futures.


Harri Wavell


Harri is the former Schools and Colleges Manager at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. His focus is on curriculum development and capacity building, research into, and the development of, teaching and learning materials. Harri began his career teaching English in the UK and overseas.


Rachel Goude


With an MSc in Sustainable Development, specialising in sustainable diets and agriculture, Rachel contributes to our Sustainable and Circular Futures offer. Having studied at Swansea University, she holds the South Wales coast close to her heart. Her pedagogical experience extends to her time as a British Council English teacher in Chile.


Shaun Brooking
Lead, Owning Your Wellbeing

Shaun specialises in a whole body, whole person approach to health and wellbeing. Drawing upon 12 years of training, knowledge and experience in movement coaching, injury rehabilitation and embodied learning, Shaun works as a Movement Coach and Somatic Facilitator. He redefines wellbeing beyond the physical, to include mental, emotional and relational wellbeing, helping clients to make the critical connection between mind and body. In doing so he empowers them to take charge of their own wellbeing journeys.  


Geoff Cresswell
Wellbeing Mentor 

Owning Your Wellbeing


Al Brunker

Lead, Creativity & the Curriculum

Al is a trainer, performance poet and recovering lawyer. Al Brunker is founder of Let’s Do This, running training courses in creative thinking for a range of third sector and corporate clients. For over 20 years, Al has worked with charities such as the Prince's Trust and YMCA, and delivered communication workshops for students in over 200 state secondary schools.


Phil Okwedy

Chief Storyteller

Phil tells stories to anyone who is willing to listen. He tells stories that come from the richness of the world's oral tradition. Having been a teacher, Phil understands that storytelling is a powerful tool for raising standards in literacy as well as playing a crucial role in developing emotional literacy skills in young people. In 2010 Phil became a trainee of the MYTHOS-Grundtvig project, a partnership of 5 international storytelling festivals providing and exchanging training of storytelling techniques and methods. He now uses this experience to provide training for those wanting to become storytellers.


Andy Penaluna 


Andy is Professor Emeritus of Creative Entrepreneurship. International thought leader on creativity in education. Advisor to Welsh Assembly and British Governments, he has also advised the UN, European Commission and OECD on innovation and curriculum design. He led the development of the world’s first integrated school curriculum for innovation and entrepreneurship in Macedonia. His work has won him a Queens Award for Enterprise Promotion and an Institute for Entrepreneurs’ Enterprise Educator of the Year award in the House of Lords.

Creativity & the Curriculum


Collaborative Action


Rob Gratton

Lead, Collaborative Action

Rob is an experienced educationalist with over a decade working as a teacher, school leader, teacher trainer and researcher with the UCL Institute of Education. Rob's area of expertise is Collaborative Activity, how we can both harness the power of collaboration through enhancing our innate capacity and ability to collaborate and how we can collaborate with others more effectively in practice. Rob has supported numerous organisations internationally to enhance their practices of collaboration and played a fundamental role in establishing UCL Academy, a University-sponsored school in North London defined by Collaborative Group Learning practise.


Cymbrogi Collaborators


Beyond our network of Champions we work with a wide group of people and organisations who share our vision and values and do great work in their own right.

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