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Creativity is an innate capacity within all of us, but it needs actively nurturing. This module explores the benefits of introducing creativity into your practices and how your own creativity can be harnessed to shape the capacity, ability and practices of others.​


Creativity & the Curriculum



You will explore and learn about the benefits of introducing creativity into your curriculum and into your life. You will develop confidence in being more creative in your daily practices, be it teaching or other. You will learn to feel more confident in your ability to design and implement experiences with a rich variety of creative learning experiences to equip your self and others for the future.

What will I learn?

Take Your Learning Further

Activate and engage your innate creativity through an exploration shaped by the question: How can we enact our innate creativity to shape the curriculum and its impact upon learners? 

This module has been designed as the first stage in a four part process of Understand - Explore - Materialise - Reflect.


Stage Two, Explore (Available in early Spring 2021), provides opportunities to engage in creative practice.

On completing this Module you will gain access to a range of Elective resources and mini-modules which provide additional opportunities to go deeper into the content covered within the Module.


  1. What is creativity to you?

  2. Creativity: what and why?

  3. Creative habits and behaviours

  4. Creative thinking: generating ideas

  5. Take it further

  6. Going deeper - elective mini-modules



Al Brunker​, is a trainer, performance poet and recovering lawyer. Al is founder of Let’s Do This Limited, running training courses in creative thinking for a range of third sector and corporate clients. For over 20 years, Al has worked with charities such as the Prince's Trust and YMCA, and delivered communication workshops for students in over 200 state secondary schools.



Phil Okwedy tells stories to anyone who is willing to listen. He tells stories that come from the richness of the world's oral tradition. Having been a teacher, Phil understands that storytelling is a powerful tool for raising standards in literacy as well as playing a crucial role in developing emotional literacy skills in young people.


Rob Gratton is an experienced Educationalist and Secondary school leader with over 18 years working within Education as a teacher, school leader, teacher trainer and researcher with the UCL Institute of Education.


On completion of this Module you will gain access to a range of elective mini-modules & resources including:

Teaching Creatively and Teaching for Creativity : the Welsh Context - by Mathew Jones

This elective explores the nature of teaching creatively and the teaching of creativity. The video draws on Mathews expertise as a practitioner and situates the exploration of this theme within the Welsh context, particularly in light of the new Curriculum for Wales.

Approaches to Curriculum Design: a concept driven approach - by Rob Gratton

This elective explores the nature of a concept driven approach to curriculum design and delivery. The future is uncertain but concepts are enduring, so why not build your curriculum around them.

Cymbrogi Futures: Ideas for Teaching Creatively - by Mathew Jones

This resource is packed full of ideas to introduce creativity into your curriculum and daily practices as a practitioner.

Approaches to Curriculum Design: the EIPA approach to lesson design - by Rob Gratton

This elective explores the EIPA (Engage, Instruct, Practice, Apply) methodology for lesson design; a tried and tested method for a creative pedagogy.

The Power of Storytelling - by Phil Okwedy​

This elective explores the power of storytelling, the role it can play within the classroom and within your own lives as a tool for well-being.

Creative approaches to Literacy within the Curriculum

This elective gives you access to a number of resources and ideas for developing literacy as part of a creative curriculum.

Creative approaches to Numeracy within the Curriculum

This elective gives you access to a number of resources and ideas for developing numeracy as part of a creative curriculum.

Literacy and Numeracy in the wild

An exploration of how we can use the great outdoors creatively to develop literacy and numeracy skills.

Teaching Creatively and Teaching for Creativity: Distinctions and Relationships

This article explores the nature of creativity within educational practice. This article was written by Bob Jeffrey and Anna Craft of the Open University (2004).

"it's simplicity yet depth! takes you to understanding very well"

"Some very thoughtful and practical advice and techniques that can easily be implemented in my daily life and routine."


"It has given me hope that children with similar learning difficulties like myself, will be heard and accepted within the learning environment."

"Developing new creative habits within the classroom and outdoors"

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