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Sustainability Camp 
Summer 2022

Come join us in the Spring of 2022 at our inspirational Cymbrogi HQ for a series of unique and highly personalised workshops for Changemakers aged 8-11.

Our 'Young Changemaker' Programme is aligned with the 4 Purposes of the new Curriculum for Wales and the Sustainable Development Goals. Opportunities to develop key Integral Skills and subject specific knowledge from across the Curriculums AoLE's exist across each workshop. 


Each workshop, comprising 1 day, represents a 3 stage journey from Connection through Experimentation to Changemaker. We draw on 'FLOW' learning techniques, often associated with the Forest School approach, the Scientific Method and both Systems and Design Thinking methodologies. This approach creates bountiful opportunities to engage with the non-human world, to engage in collaboration with others, activate creativity and for learners to shape their own experience through respecting choice and voice.  


Programme Workshops

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"Pledge to make a   Change"

Workshop 1


 Connect with the non-human world. Develop Core 4 knowledge, mindsets and skills. Use Systems Thinking to recognise the change you can make. 


Essential Information

Key Features


A 1 day workshop, stand alone or part of a series of consecutive workshops taking learners on a ‘Changemaker’ journey.

An enquiry-driven, interdisciplinary and nature orientated pedagogy, aligned with the Curriculum for Wales and select Sustainable Development Goals.

Develops knowledge, skills and mindsets to enable learners to undertake ‘Sustainable learning for a sustainable future.’


What's Included


  • Pre-visit access to Cymbrogi Learn Online &, in-school activities to prepare learners for their visit;

  • Access to the inspirational natural habitat of Cymbrogi HQ in Lawrenny Pembrokeshire;

  • A 1 day hands-on workshop;

  • Post visit follow up with live screen cast activities held in your school;

  • Healthy snacks & drinks across the day;

  • First Aid trained, DBS checked and fully trained staff.

  • View Kit List and Pre-visit tasks




Welcome to our inspirational learning site, Cymbrogi HQ, Lawrenny, Pembrokeshire.

How much?  
From £500 for 24-30 participants + 3 free teacher places




Autumn 21: October 12th & 13th

Spring 22: Dates across May

Summer 22: Dates across June

Essential Information

Sample Activities

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The Pyramid of Life: Through this ‘Awaken Enthusiasm’ game, The Pyramid of Life, children begin to develop collaboration skills and begin to understand the local food chain and hierarchy while developing knowledge of the local non-human ecosystem. We help children make the connection between the non-human world and how it can be affected by and affects the human world.

Woodland Journeys - The world of a minibeast: This ‘Science based’ session is co-designed and co-led by the Darwin Experience. This session engages participants in the world of minibeasts (invertebrates) through the application of the scientific method of collection, observation and recording. Participants will connect their learning from sessions earlier in the day and be encouraged to make the connection between ‘The Pyramid of Life’, their Woodland Journey (habitats) and the life of minibeasts.

Making the Change: Through this ‘Direct Experience’ workshop, children will further develop the skills of collaboration and Systems Thinking by exploring, discussing, categorising and sharing thoughts on a range of bespoke ‘Making the Change’ case study cards. Children will gain a better sense of how people are making a change to create a better and more sustainable relationship with the non-human world. They will also recognise different types of change and scale - from the local  to global.

‘Pledges’: Through this ‘Sharing Inspiration’ session, children will share their ‘Pledges’ with the group and make a commitment to becoming ‘Changemakers’ - being the change they want to see in the world. Cymbrogi follow up on these Pledges through a series of follow up online sessions. 

Sample Activities

Unique access to abundant thinking and activity spaces in the natural splendour of the woods and shoreline surrounding Cymbrogi HQ.


Our fully accessible Compost Toilet recognises our commitment to sustainable practices & provides an opportunity to learn about the composting process. 


Learning Spaces

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Outdoor Learning Classrooms overlooking the estuary (made from trees sustainably felled on site). These spaces enable us to connect with nature, enjoy the inspirational views while remaining warm and dry.

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Free Play areas to encourage exploration within the woodland and a cozy Cwtch Corner to enable relaxation and contemplation.

Learnig Spaces
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